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Notice of the annual AGM for Dennington Village Hall, to be held on Wednesday 23rd October at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

You are all cordially invited to attend the Hall AGM as detailed above. We have come so far, and made such big changes in the Hall.  it has been a very rewarding exercise for those of us involved, but now its time for others to step in and take the Hall forward into the future. Why not come along and participate in the Hall’s decision making and help move it forward, whether as a trustee or a willing participant?

Please click on the images below for the agenda & also the minutes of the previous AGM.


The latest newsletter is just out. Just click on the image to open an electronic copy.

Once again, Jo Denton has done the Village Hall proud by producing another excellent newsletter. It’s brimming with really interesting articles. Have a good read.

Refurbishment update – 17/9/19

As some of you will know, we have had some challenges with our new heating system and have been in discussions with our providers. These have been replaced with effect from today, but will not be working for another 2 weeks as we are awaiting a visit from the Rointe expert to show us how to control them.

They  look almost exactly the same but, we hope, will work better and more efficiently.

We have received funding now for large curtains for the large bay windows and several other minor things which is great and  these will be dealt with in the coming months. We are still trying to determine whether to refurbish our old chairs or buy a whole set of new ones. We are awaiting a trial refurbishment of  two chairs to enable us to see what they might look like.

Thanks to Matt Lunn, and to Roderick Roy for collecting them, we now have two grit bins which we will fill in preparation for the winter months.

On 1st October, a container is being delivered, to be placed next to the Sports Club containers, for extra Village Hall storage. This will make a considerable difference to the store room which is currently full to capacity.

A new additional mirror will go up in the ladies loos shortly and the kitchen hatch doors will also change to a more easily manageable system of opening and closing.

We await a response from East Suffolk Council as to whether we have been successful with the Exemplar fund application.

Enjoy the summer – isn’t it delightfully warm at present? the Friday night children’s sports evenings have gone really well, but have been suspended for a bit as ‘holiday’ time has set in, and several key people will be away. When they start up again, we will let you know.

Party Time, and more!!!!

Carl Squirrell once more held his annual fundraiser at the village hall in May and over 1250 peopel attended. it was a great party – see images below.

We also had another private party the following weekend with another 150 people, so much activity recently in our newly refurbished hall.

Thinking of having a children’s party in the near future????? why not try Dennington Village Hall?

Party ad for web.7.17.a


 The new ‘Hot Desk and Internet Hub‘ is up and running. Come and take advantage of an excellent facility – at only £2 an hour!

Businesshub.compositeThis is a new opportunity for those who live in Dennington and the surrounding towns and villages. It’s a place where those who are working away from the office but find it difficult to work from home can come and work. We have an excellent WiFi connection and users can register to use the facility. Tea and coffee and associated utensils are provided, and the space is available on weekdays from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm, provided the room is not already booked out for other activities.  Each day, the availability of the hub can be checked on this website by checking the Events Calendar.

The cost will be £2.00 an hour per person.

If you are interested, download a registration document and forward it to , our booking manager. She will then forward you a time sheet and further details of how the system works.  You will be billed at the end of each month for the hours used.

Take advantage! Save on long trips to the office and work from the Hub. It couldn’t be a better idea!