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The cycle ‘Tour of Britain’ comes through Dennington on Friday 8th September

Tour of britainThe cycle ‘Tour of Britain’ comes through Dennington on Friday 8th September at roughly 1pm.  They come from the Stradbroke direction and turn into the Framlingham road and head for Fram. We have decided to line the road next to the Green with bunting and those who wish to can gather to see them whizz through. We propose that we gather by 12.45. Tea and coffee will be available from the Clothes Peg and we will also have some ice cream and cones available for the children. The school will apparently be assembling the children in the green also to watch them go by, so why not join us??

They move through at some speed, so we expect the whole event to be over by 1.30 and everyone can head home for lunch. If you would like to visit the website, here is the link. http://www.tourofbritain.co.uk/stages/stage-six/  and here is the link to the Stage 6 ETA which says when it comes through Dennington etc. http://d2cx26qpfwuhvu.cloudfront.net/tour-britain/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/26111123/ToB-2017-S6-Newmarket-Aldeburgh-ETA-v2.pdf.

Come and join us to cheer them on as they head onwards to Aldeburgh.

Thinking of having a children’s party in the near future????? why not try Dennington Village Hall?

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 The new ‘Hot Desk and Internet Hub‘ is up and running. Come and take advantage of an excellent facility

This is a new opportunity for those who live in Dennington and the surrounding towns and villages. It’s a place where those who are working away from the office but find it difficult to work from home can come and work. We have an excellent WiFi connection and users can register to use the facility. Tea and coffee and associated utensils are provided, and the space is available on weekdays from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm, provided the room is not already booked out for other activities.  Each day, the availability of the hub can be checked on this website by checking the Events Calendar.

The cost will be £2.00 an hour per person.

If you are interested, download a registration document and forward it to , our booking manager. She will then forward you a time sheet and further details of how the system works.  You will be billed at the end of each month for the hours used.

Take advantage! Save on long trips to the office and work from the Hub. It couldn’t be a better idea!


Dennington – the home of Geoffrey Chaucer


Unidentified portrait

Dennington is a charming village nestled in the countryside in rural Suffolk, not far from the town of Framlingham. Mentioned in the doomsday book and also the home of Geoffrey Chaucer and his family, Dennington has a long and fascinating history. The church is beautiful and remains the home of several fascinating historical artefacts, drawing visitors from around the world.

Dennington Jubilee Hall was constructed in 1985 and still remains unique in its genre. It is the only village hall with a full sized sports hall in the district.

Alongside it is the Sports Field, Tennis court and Bowls Club, all managed by the Sports Committee. Situated on the Framlingham Road just outside Dennington, both facilities offer an abundance of opportunity.

For further information and booking forms, please click on the respective pages listed above.