The following are contact details for those involved with the Hall, Sports Club and newsletter.

The Hall’s physical address is;  Framlingham Road, Dennington, Suffolk, IP13 8DD.

If you are using a satnav, it is likely you will be taken to ‘The Neathouse Cafe’ . Please therefore note on the map below the exact location of the hall (B) in relation to the cafe (A). It is no more than 80 metres away.

Map location.11.15

Hall Bookings; Vashti Mouncer 07506 868240 Email address.

Newsletter Editor; Jo Denton – Email address.

Village Hall chairman; James Maberly 01728 638627 Email address

Sports Club; Doris Dearing   01728 638322   Email address.

Tennis Club; Avril Palmer 01728 638686   Email address.