Refurbishment progress

Refurbishment update – 17/9/19

As some of you will know, we have had some challenges with our new heating system and have been in discussions with our providers. These have been replaced with effect from today, but will not be working for another 2 weeks as we are awaiting a visit from the Rointe expert to show us how to control them.

They  look almost exactly the same but, we hope, will work better and more efficiently.

We have received funding now for large curtains for the large bay windows and several other minor things which is great and  these will be dealt with in the coming months. We are still trying to determine whether to refurbish our old chairs or buy a whole set of new ones. We are awaiting a trial refurbishment of  two chairs to enable us to see what they might look like.

Thanks to Matt Lunn, and to Roderick Roy for collecting them, we now have two grit bins which we will fill in preparation for the winter months.

On 1st October, a container is being delivered, to be placed next to the Sports Club containers, for extra Village Hall storage. This will make a considerable difference to the store room which is currently full to capacity.

A new additional mirror will go up in the ladies loos shortly and the kitchen hatch doors will also change to a more easily manageable system of opening and closing.

We await a response from East Suffolk Council as to whether we have been successful with the Exemplar fund application.

Enjoy the summer – isn’t it delightfully warm at present? the Friday night children’s sports evenings have gone really well, but have been suspended for a bit as ‘holiday’ time has set in, and several key people will be away. When they start up again, we will let you know.

The Hall refurbishment is now 95% complete – and the Hall is ready for use

Here we are in January 2019 and after 3 months of hard work, Carters have  completed the refurbishment process. The Hall is looking amazing………. There are still a few things left to do, but the Hall is once more ready for use by the public – and already being used regularly too! We now have as regulars Puppy training, Pilates, Chamber orchestra, coffee mornings, badminton, WI and The Cornerstone Church (Sunday afternoons), not counting our regular meetings involving various village committees.

So whats new? 

The old main hall and the new main hall. – quite a change…..…..this includes the hung ceiling, the new heating system, the new lighting, the new floor and the large picture window at the far end.

Main hall comp.1.19

The old toilets being dismantled

loos in process.10.18

The new toilets

ladies loos completed.1.19

The car park – with its massive drainage problem. Now tarred and designed to capture water as it runs off the road and the car park itself. New double glazing  can be seen as well.

Car park comp.1.19

The  field front without, and with the new patio

V Hall.patio.1.19.

The meeting room is much as it was. Just  different lighting and heating. We still need to get new tables and chairs and a cinema system, but that will come in due course…….

The first thing you will notice on arrival is the new tarred car park – and what a difference that will make. No more soggy or muddy shoes as you enter the Hall entrance.

The second thing you will notice is how warm it is once you enter the hall….. so different to the past and you will be amazed at how warm it is compared to the last 25 years!

The whole Hall has been repainted and it looks amazing.

So whats still to do?

On the inside, we need the new cinema and sound system, a new set of tables and chairs and blinds for the big windows in the main hall. We are still raising funds for the completion of all this, so please bear with us. we have raised over £275,000 so far, so we haven’t done too badly!

Thanks go to the Community Fund (Formerly the Big Lottery) for the majority of funds provided, but also to many other organisations and people who have given (and are still giving) to help us finalise the project.

The Hall refurbishment is now 90% complete – and the Hall is ready for use

After 3 months of hard work, Carters have pretty much completed the refurbishment process. The Hall is looking amazing………. There are still a few things left to do, but the Hall is once more ready for use by the public.

So whats new?

The first thing you will notice is the new tarred car park – and what a difference that will make. No more soggy or muddy shoes as you enter the Hall entrance.

Car Park.12.18

The second thing you will notice is how warm it is once you enter the hall….. so different to the past and you will be amazed at how warm it is compared to the last 25 years!

The third thing you will notice is the hung ceiling, the huge window at the end and the new floor cover – it completely changes the room, and with it, the acoustics – it doesn’t echo any more…..

Main Hall.12.18

The whole Hall has been repainted and it looks amazing.

Next, you will notice the toilets. They are looking amazing – so much more attractive than they were before.

The meeting room is much the same, but the new patio will make a substantial difference.

Still to do;

We still have some minor work to be completed inside but on the outside, we are still awaiting the new porch and the new solar panels. these should go in in February, all being well.

On the inside, we need the new cinema and sound system, a new set of tables and chairs and blinds for the big windows in the main hall. We are still raising funds for the completion of all this, so please bear with us. we have raised £250,000 so far, so we haven’t done too badly!

The Village Hall refurbishment process begins this next week!!

1st October 2018 – 21st December 2018

We have, at last reached a tipping point. The Big Lottery have finally granted us permission to get our refurbishment started. This is really good news!! It means that the contractors, Carters, can begin work this coming Monday, 1st October 2018.

Please note the following dates and facts and pop them in your diaries:
1st October ; Contractors move in and start making preparations. Start work in toilets and the main hall.
8th October; Work begins in earnest and the whole Village Hall is closed to the public until the end of December. Patio work begins.
21st DecemberContractors break for Christmas – hopefully everything is completed by then.
Meeting room – and alternatives;  This will only be available for use between 1st and 7th October  (we shall ensure access to the meeting room for that period and the disabled loo). Thereafter it will be closed to the public until the end of December.

We are currently looking for an alternative meeting room somewhere in the village.  As soon as we have further details, we will let you know.
The Car Park and access to the playing field; . The new car park surfacing will take place between 5th and 25th November. Up until that time, there will be vehicular access to the playing field, but between these dates, no access will be available. The Sports Club should note this and inform the Bowls Club. There will also be a specific route detailed for dog walkers.

The car park will be available for parking in the evening or at weekends, EXCEPT on the dates detailed above when it will be being resurfaced, It cannot be used during weekdays in the daytime.

Whilst the Patio is being built, the Sports Field will be being accessed by vehicles being used in this process, so please be aware of this if you are walking dogs or indeed if you have children who play games on the field.

Fundraising – not complete yet;
We have not yet raised all the funds we need to complete this process, so we will continue to work hard to achieve the full amount we need to make it a great success.

Our refurbishment plans progress to plan – July update, 2018

Storey Village Hall. revamped.1.18.aAs of the 1st July 2018, the Hall refurbishment plans are still progressing well. We are still awaiting response from three funding bodies: 

The Foyle  Foundation   – £10,000

Morrisons  –  £10,000

Bernard Sunley   – up to £25,000

In the mean time, we are awaiting the final legal documents from the Land Registry and vesting the property in the official custodian and the final sign-off by the Big Lottery for both our Project Plan and our Business Plan. We have already received tenders from four contractors to manage the whole refurbishment and are currently going through the finer print with the architects.

In a nutshell, we have planned that everything is happening at the same time, ensuring that there will be a minimum of time wasted between the go-ahead and final funding. We have been in discussion with the Big Lottery pointing out that, rather than this refurb being one big job, it is a series of smaller jobs, so we hope they will give us the go-ahead to get it all started in the near future, even if our final funding is still in progress. we have time on our hands to receive it.

Please click on the image above or this link to a PDF to give you an idea of the many proposals for the new design.


We’ve done it!!! We’ve been awarded £148,000 by the Big Lottery!

Temp hall idea.12.17.b

After six years of preparation, investigation, visits, planning and applications, now, in December 2017, we have been told that we have been successful in our bid for funds to renovate the Hall.

But it isn’t all plain sailing yet; there are four important conditions we have to meet;

a) We need to raise an additional £46,600 (by March 2018) before they will release this money, £2,600 of which has to be raised locally. This is really Exciting News!!!!

b) We need to write a Business Plan for the next three years, acceptable to the Big Lottery Assessors.

c) We need to write an acceptable Project Development Plan.

d) We need to gain the input of the Dennington under 18 year-old children on what they would like to see happening at the Village Hall.

All of this is possible which is excellent and we have already started on the Business Plan and the
Development Plan. For the rest, we need your help. 
We have started the process of raising more funds and have so far raised £20,000, though £4,000 of that is conditional on us raising the full amount. Thus we still have £26,600 to raise, of which at least £2,600 needs to be raised locally. We will be holding a concert on 14th April and there will be a Race Night in March, both of which we hope you will attend and provide us with your much needed support.
This will not however raise the full amount, so we very much hope that some of you may be willing to
contribute something towards the refurbishment of the Hall.

Refurbishment image.

January 2017 – At last!!!! The first stage of our Lottery Application has now been lodged with the Lottery Commission

After much discussion and re-hashing of the application form, our application has now been submitted by Julia Miller on our behalf. The full amount of the application is £146,293.00, so we hope very much to get the go-ahead for stage 2. in the mean time, we still need to raise a further £63,800.00 to cover the full extent of our refurbishment plans. We are considering how to do this at present and will report back when we have a good plan established.

In the mean time, the lighting in the car park is being re-done by Adam O’Keeffe and should make an extraordinary difference to evening activities in the hall. Many thanks also to Allan Dyne and his sons for so generously building and donating the light stands for the car park. Your efforts are very much appreciated.


The birth of an idea…….

6 years ago, a group of residents formed a group called the ‘Creative Committee’. Its purpose was to look at ways of renovating the Village Hall and finding ways in which to bring the community together. For example, we considered how much more sensible it would be if many of the varying village groups (i.e. the Village Hall and the Sports Club) came together under one roof which would instantly make them much more effective. It does seem somewhat cumbersome that they operate separately and yet remain interdependent.

Since then an amazing amount of work has gone into finding ways in which to refurbish the Hall in such a way that it would be good for the community for the next 25 years.  After much consideration and investigation, we drew up a business plan  and determined to break the process into four phases. On the advice of the Parish Council, we decided to employ a grant fundraiser to assist us with making the applications to the Lottery Fund and other funds.

Progress to date – Fundraising

We received £5000.00 from the Suffolk Coastal Community Capital Grant Scheme in February 2016, and an additional £3000.00 from the Enabling Communities Budget scheme, both supported by Paul Rous, our District Council member. We have received £5000.00 from the Dennington Charities to assist in revamping the Village Hall entrance and we received a further £1500.00 from the Dennington Charities towards employing Julia Miller as our Fundraising consultant. We have also raised a further £2200.00 through two concerts held in the Hall.

We have also had a further assurance from Dennington Charities that they will fund the purchase and instillation of Solar Panels onto the roof of the Hall itself which will then provide all the necessary power the Hall will need, at a cost of £16000.00 +.

Progress – building  new, creative and wise ideas for the future

We formed a group called the ‘Commercial Team’ made up of a blend of successful business people under the age of 40 and three members of the Creative Committee. The discussions and ideas that flow out of these meetings is quite amazing and has caused us to realise what an extraordinary future we have. We continue to seek the advice of these young entrepreneurial members of our community.

Progress – completed development

Listed below, in red, are the completed projects to date from Phase 1 and phase 2. The Lottery application and further applications will be for phases 3 and 4.


Expenditure List of Works Total
Phase 1 Rebuild entrance from main road 8250
Drainage in car park 1800
Concrete slab in front of main entrance 2004
Entrance barrier & warning signs 1188
Entrance hall flooring & electrical works 1520
Total 14762
Phase 2 External road sign-age 200
External lighting to car park 800
Carpet tiles in meeting room 1500
New Lincat kitchen cooker 1500
Bar alterations – new chiller & washer 1500
Storage cupboards 600
Pool Table 250
Wi-Fi – Fram Broadband 00
Coffee machines 150
Contingency 2000
Total 8500

In the mean time we progress…. keep a close eye on this page for further updates.


Village Hall Refurbishment Plans

For the last five years, the Village Hall Committee has been investigating options and working towards a major refurbishment of the Hall. We are delighted to say that this is now underway. A page dedicated to this process will be added shortly. Suffice to say that at this time, a figure of £155,000.00 is required to undertake the work designated.

The following adjustments have been made to date;

  • The road entrance has been repaired and a drainage system put in place.
  • The base slab for a porch has been installed at the Hall entrance along with a French drain running along the side of the hall to catch all excess water.
  • A Karndean Floor has been put in place in the entrance hall which makes a huge difference visually.
  • We have established a temporary heating system for the toilets.
  • We have installed a 49” TV and soundbar in the meeting room which will allow for sports nights, presentation evenings, karaoke evenings and film nights.
  • The Dennington Concert on 31st October was a great success raising £1,100.00 for the Hall.
  • We have held our first Friday night bar night. These will now become regular Friday events. Please come and join us. They start at 7.30 and once a month there will be a family evening with a fish and chip van present.