Below is the full events calendar for the Village Hall and Sports Club. Sports Club events will have a prefix of SC  (i.e. SC children’s football)  in order to avoid confusion when making bookings, and should be assumed to be on the sports field unless otherwise specified.

Business Hub users: check the bookings for the day you wish to attend. Unless it has ‘Main Hall’ specified, the events are in the Meeting Room. If an event is booked, then there will be no business hub facilities available during that period of time.

Hover your mouse over the bookings to see the timings of the listed events.

If you have an event for which you would like to hire the hall, please go to the Village Hall page and follow the given instructions.

If you wish to make a booking to use the Sports Club facilities, please go to the Sports Club page and follow the given instructions.

If you would like to book the Tennis court, please go to the Tennis Club page and follow the given instructions